Ness Bautista


    Ness Bautista was born in New York City, one of three children, to Puerto-Rican and Dominican parents. He was raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and although it snows most of the year, he was still an avid baseball player. After high school, Bautista moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. He was, subsequently, signed to Virgin Records and Warner Chappell Music Publishing. He also wrote and performed the theme song to FX's The Shield. Ironically, Bautista would later appear on that show as an actor. After studying at HB Studios in New York, Bautista dedicated his efforts to pursuing an acting career. His first roles ever were the, aforementioned, The Shield, and an indie film that he shot the same week, so he was off to a pretty good start. He has also done a myriad of commercial and voice-over work. He was the voice behind all of Beyonce's fragrances and he was even a character on South Park, opposite Cartman-according to Bautista, "his proudest moment as an actor." Ness Bautista has starred on Michael Bay's The Last Ship on TNT (2014, 2015) and The Wachowski's Sense8 (2015) on Netflix.


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    Sense 8 June 5, 2015